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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Nova Scotia Quilt Blocks

Nova Scotia Quilt Blocks

Flying Geese

1.      Cut two strips 3 ½ by 12 ½ inches( green fabric)
2.      Cut 4 triangles 3 7/8 inches square, then cut them in half on the diagonal(these are the background for the flying geese)
3.     Cut four squares of different colours 7 ¼ inches and then cut them in 4 quarters on the diagonal. You will only need one triangle of each colour. If you wish you can make the geese all one colour.
4.      Sew the background to the triangles . Sew the triangles together in a column and then sew the long strips to each side.

Railroad Block 

1.     Cut 16 strips 2 inches by 6 ½ inches. You will need 4 of each colour
2.     Sew the strips together to make 4 blocks. Rotate the blocks as you sew them together to make the block.

Pinwheel Block

1.      Cut four patches of background fabric 4 ½ inches
2.     Cut 10 squares 3 inches wide  of each of the background fabric and the coloured fabric.
3.     I sewed the fabric together along the diagonal line ¼ inch on either side. Cut the fabric apart on the diagonal and then square up the squares to be 2 ½ inches before sewing them together. You can cut the fabric in the pinwheels 2 7/8 if you wish but I alwys prefer to use 3 inches so the triangles are not wonky.

Sunflower Block

1.      Cut 4 blue squares 1 7/8 inches
2.     Cut 4 blue squares 4 ½ inches
3.     Cut 4 blue squares 2 ¾ inches and then cut them in half on the diagonal(making 8 triangles)
4.     Cut 4 gold squares 3 1/8 inches
5.     Cut 2 gold strips 4 ½ by 1 7/8 inches
6.     Cut 1 yellow strip 4 ½ by 1 7/8 inches
7.     Cut 8 yellow squares 2 1/8 inches , then cut them in half on the diagonal, making 16 triangles.
8.     Make the flying geese using your step 3 blues and your step 7 triangles.
9.     Have a glass of wine and chocolate.

Square Block

1.     Cut 4 green patches 3 ½ inches square
2.     Cut 4 squares  of the white fabric 3 7/8 inches wide than then cut in half on the diagonal to make 8 triangles
3.     Cut 1 square 7 ¼ inches wide of the green fabric and then cut it in quarters along the diagonal each way to make 4 triangles
4.     Cut 1 square of the white fabric 6 ½ inches

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Saturday Workshop

January Show and Tell

Making Slab Blocks

We want to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by holding Canada’s biggest quilting bee at Quilt Canada in June 2017. We’ll have sewing machines, long arms and mid arms and an army of volunteers ready to work on quilt tops and slab blocks made by hundreds of Canadian quilters. The successful ending to this story will be quilts to give to all the Ronald McDonald House® buildings across Canada.
We need you to make slabs and even quilt tops from your slabs. Read on!
The blocks that we need quilters to make are called “slabs”. These were made famous when Cheryl Arkison used ‘slab’ blocks in quilts for families who lost everything in the Alberta floods in 2013. Now, with Cheryl’s permission, we are calling on Canadian quilters to make slab blocks once more.
Inspiration for these quilts is The Missing U quilt from the book: Sunday Morning Quilts.
How do you make a slab?
If you have the book, Sunday Morning Quilts see the directions on pages 48-49. If you don't have the book, the directions below show how to make a slab: To commemorate Canada’s birthday, each slab must have at least one piece of the Canada’s 150th fabric that is available through Northcott, Trend Tex Inc., Cantik Batiks, JN Harper and perhaps other fabric companies. You may mix in your own fabric but there has to be at least one piece of special Canada 150th fabric. How to Make a Slab  Start with small bits or big ones, it doesn't matter.  Make sure there is at least one piece of Canada’s 150th birthday fabric.  Raid your scrap bins and go with what you've got. You might want to use like-colours in a slab.
 Take two pieces of fabric and sew them together.  Do that a few more times. Then sew more pieces to those first pairs.  Sew groups together.  Add additional pieces of fabric to get to the size of 12 ½ inches square.
Have fun and make several slabs in different colours.
How to Make Quilt Tops Would you like to use your slabs to make a whole quilt top? We need two sizes: larger for big kids and smaller for little kids.
Larger quilt: Sew 4 blocks together for each row. Make 6 rows and sew them together to make a quilt top that will be 48½in. x 72½in.
Smaller quilt: Sew 3 blocks
together for each row. Make 4 rows and sew them together to make a quilt top that will be 36½in. x 48½in.
Mail your unfinished quilt tops and/or slab blocks to:
Leslie Whitby 2895 Almonte Road Carp ON K0A 1L0
Last day to mail is May 30, 2017

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Recipe for homemade "best press"

3 oz vodka-the cheaper the better
24 oz distilled water
a drop or 2 of essential oil(optional , this just adds an aroma)

Mix in a spray bottle and use on your fabrics.